Our Core Values

We value honesty, transparency and believe in what we stand for

XenonStack Careers Open Culture, No Bullshit Image

Open Culture, no bullshit

Communicates Transparently and Constructively while taking Accountability for their Mistakes.

XenonStack Careers Build with Heart and Balance Image

Build with Heart and Balance

Brings Passion and genuine care to work and How they relate to others.

XenonStack Careers Don't #@!% the Customer Image

Don't #@!% the Customer

Anticipates the Customer's needs and takes Potenial Customer Impact into Account in making decisions.

XenonStack Careers Play as a Team Image

Play, as a Team

Creates opportunities for Others to share their Voice and make sure Teammates feel Valued and Included.

XenonStack Careers Be the change you Seek Image

Be the change you Seek

Perseveres through Difficult challanges and drives to a Conclusion when initiating change.

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Our Culture

XenonStack Life

Knowledge, Commitment, Respect, Integrity, Exellence

XenonStack Culture Ownership Image

Attitude, Aptitude and Integrity

We push ourselves to accomplish things no one else imagined possible.

XenonStack Culture Execute Quick Judgments Image

Do Right Things

Embracing Excellence through innovation learning and agility.

XenonStack Culture Ambitious Image

Personal and Organisational Transparency

We are ambitious and steady. We deliver and reach our goals.

XenonStack Culture Team Spirit Image

Team Spirit

Building an open, honest and diverse environment, embracing the uniqueness.

XenonStack Culture Recognition Image

Curiosity, Creativity and Passion

We are thankful for every single one of our users, customers and contributors and constantly work towards delivering great value to them.

XenonStack Culture Happy Workplace Environment Image

Happy "Workplace" Environment

We host monthly Gatherings giving everyone an opportunity to express their creative skills in music, dance, and drama.

XenonStack Culture Intolerant of Intolerance Image

No Jerks

We act with Integrity and take Ownership for the Decisions we make

XenonStack Culture Practice Craftsmanship Image

Practice Craftsmanship

We aim to Build Industry Leading Solutions and Providing World class Services

XenonStack Culture Intolerant of Intolerance Image

Take Risks and Fail fast

Take Risks and Continuously Innovate