Benefits & Perks for Employees

At XenonStack, we focus on building our strong workforce by providing them benefits and perks. Benefits and perks are satisfaction drivers for the employees.

People Satisfaction is our Priority

At XenonStack, we ensure that our employees are provided with the best benefits and perks for their wellbeing and financial safety. Keeping our employees satisfied helps us in ensuring that they stay focused on their work.


Parental Benefits

New parents get an opportunity to spend quality time with their children.



Health Insurance is provided for medical, accidental, and healthcare purposes.


Financial Security

Continuous salary disbursements with the loan and advance salary options are available


Financial Benefits

Special skill allowances, performance incentives, appraisals are the add-on financial benefits for our excellent performers.


Development Opportunities

Providing development opportunities for our employee’s future by showing a commitment to unlock their true potential.

Reward the Best

At XenonStack, we ensure that our top performers and quick learners are rewarded. It keeps our team motivated and energetic to keep working hard and achieve their personal and organizational goals.

Reward Programs

  • Annual Impact Winners

  • Client Appreciation Awards

  • Foundation Day Rewards

  • Maverick Award from CEO

  • Exceptional Contribution Award

  • Working in XenonStack feels like a family. Everyone is here to help you whether it is technically or emotionally. Team Owners / Mentors are here to support and motivate you every time. Team leaders are here to upgrade your skill and your personality as well.

  • One of the best companies to work for. It's truly a great workplace to work. Open environment, Higher management is really good and they are always ready to listen to you.

  • XenonStack is a place that holds great value for me. I have started my career here and must say that there could be no better start than this. A great place to experiment and work on new things.The training program ensures that we are building our strong technical skills.

  • XenonStack - an exceptional company, having a unique kind of optimistic and empowering culture, and committed towards excellent services to customers. Experimentation and Iteration are in the blood of the Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Navdeep Singh Gill, which gets automatically ingrained in almost every employee who spends quality time here.

  • Great working environment, continuous learning, Employees are very helpful and cooperative and always there to help you, Organization is working on the latest technologies so as an employee we can learn many new things and improve our skills. You have to learn so much about new technologies from this organization.

  • My personal opinion is if someone wants to learn and upgrade skills, XenonStack is for you. Very friendly environment and a standardized work culture. Whenever I enter the office it always gives me positive vibes. I feel proud to work here.

  • XenonStack is the best place to learn and grow. The work culture here is great with exceptional leadership teams and supportive peers. I have some amazing unforgettable memories working here. The culture motivates me to stay with the organization.

  • It is a company with the great work culture and highly supporting seniors. Got the chance to learn many new things and technologies. In addition to work, each member is given a chance to participate in various co-curricular activities. XenonStack is the Best place to work!


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