XenonStack Women in Tech

Being a Women in Tech at XenonStack, you get an opportunity to drive the team and many girls to follow their passion and explore their interests in the Technology domain.

Create the future with us

At XenonStack, we are committed to building AI driven and Next Generation distributed and Scalable Platforms and Productivity Services with Human and Machine Intelligence. We are working to create the future of technology. Solving for the customer is the key driver of our business.

Our Culture
  • bulltes Team Work
  • bulltes Inclusion
  • bulltes Experimentation and New Learnings

Benefits of Working at XenonStack

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    Women Safety Policy

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    Maternity Benefits

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    Growth Opportunities

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    Health Insurance

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    Wellness Programs

How Women are revolutionizing workforce


Encourage Mentorship & Self Advocacy

Effective Mentorship allows individuals to think about what they are going to be. For women to be more empowered in the workplace, it’s crucial to have structured mentorships where women can learn from each other.

Leading with Example

Leadership Opportunities provide a platform for the women to guide our teams towards growth and experimentation. The right mentorship is contributing to organisational growth.

Inclusive Learning Programs

The women in XenonStack get an opportunity to explore their potential in multiple training and certifications related to their technical domain.

See them in all their glory

Opportunities for Students & Fresh Graduates

At XenonStack, our interns, fresh graduates and early-career hires play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our company through their innovation and new approaches.

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